About Us

     We are professional trading and manufacturing company which focus on customer oriented services in bicycle properties. It has been over 30 years that Rodrigo Industrial Corporation had established since 1989. 

     RODRIGO INDUSTRIAL CORP. upholds the service goal of "customer-oriented" and "quality-oriented". We believe that a bicycle is not just a means of transport, but also an icon of health and a perfect sport for leisure time.

     Our mission is to provide good quality products, quality services, and competitive prices to meet our customer demands. We hope that through our hard work, we provide our customers with great customer experience and bikes. While the world is entering into a new era of clean energy, we keep up with the trend and devote ourselves with an outstanding R&D team. We continue to invest and develop new E-bikes, E-tricycles and E-wheel chairs with the hope to assist our customers and consumers to live a more convenient and better life.