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What happens when I send out a contact form?

Initial Contacting stage

After we receive your inquiry...

We will reply as soon as possible!

In order for us to serve you better and provide you with the products that best suit your need, we will need to know:

1) The role of your company, such as importer, reseller, wholesaler etc 

2) Your company's market positioning.

Initial Contacting stage

Ordering Phase

Let's dive in!

According to your need, we will provide BOM design, frame drawings, and graphic base on your preference. 

After confirming the designs, we will provide bicycle specifications.

When all of these details are sorted out, we may form a contract and start manufacturing!

Shipping Phase

We are ready!

We have a professional shipping team that handles from booking to loading. 

We will execute careful quality check at every stage of this phase. To ensure that your product can reach you in good condition.

We will take photos and keep the shipping documents for any future problems.

Shipping Phase

Reporting Phase

Sending out the good news...

We will inform you as soon as your product is shipped out!

Of course, we will send you copys of the quality check photos and shipping documents for you to have an actual idea of the products that you will receive.

Final Phase

We are always there for you!

Our professional service is built up by the professional knowledge we have and long time experience in this area. 

We aim to provide efficient and accurate service for our customers.

Should you have any questions during the process, we will always be there to help!

Final Phase

I couldn't find the type of bicycle I have on my mind, are there other alternatives?

If you saw a preferred model on market, tell us! We can customize it for you. Contact us and we can provide you with more details!

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